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ECM Programming & DPF Delete

ECM Programming for your truck allowing you to run code free. Our custom programming allows you to shut off the entire after treatment system (DPF Filter & SCR-Selective catalytic reduction).

Our ECM programming includes:

EGR delete, DPF delete, and Code Free Tuning and Calibration, We Calibrate your ECM for more horsepower, and improved fuel economy. We provide Code Free Tuning services across the United States.

Tired of your truck switching to limp mode?

Want to run on high sulfur diesel fuel so common in most of the world? Can you do without soot build up in your engine?  We are your source for code free running.

Our custom ECM programming with allow you to shut off your trucks EGR exhaust gas recirculation system of the engine, preventing further build up of soot in your engine. Our tuning pays for itself quickly and keeps your truck out of repair shops and on the road.

Engine Builds & Overhauls

At Arizona Diesel Industries we efficiently repair your truck back to OE specifications at a fraction of Dealer cost. Our reputation sets us apart from the other Independent Phoenix truck repair shops. We have the knowledge and resources of all OE factory engines to perform your engine overhaul and having it running better than new.

We have many customers bring us their truck from other heavy truck repair shops who did an incorrect overhaul.

We always take important steps in every rebuild that will keep you running for the long haul, lasting the life cycle of your truck.

We are professionals and our work is the best!

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Arizona Diesel Industries have what you need to keep your rig running at it's very best. Contact us now, we will get back to asap.