Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona Diesel Industries knows you depend on your trucks for your livelihood. Our mission is to make sure your truck receives quality repairs and service at a competitive price set for the common trucking companies.

What Truck, Engine and Trailers do you service?
We have complete service and overhaul capabilities for all major Engine Manufactures – Cat, Detroit, Mercedes, Cummins – and can service ANY brand of truck or trailer you may have.
What ECM and DPF services do you offer?

At Arizona Diesel Industries we are an industry leading facility in programming for Particulate Filter (DPF) deletion and ECM Performance Programming.

Our ECM Programing includes:

  • A complete backup of your original engine calibrations
  • Modify the ECM calibration to turn off after the DPF treatment cleaning cycle
  • Flash the ECM with a new 100% Code Free calibration
How can I get my ECM programmed for DPF delete?

We can program your ECM remotely or you can ship it to us. If you send your trucks ECM to us, our professional technicians will bench tune your trucks ECM, quality check the update, then overnight your ECM back to you.

Questions? Give us a call. Our ECM tuning services are competitively priced with fast turnaround – we get you back on the road quick. No more DPF issues – Improve your MPG !

How can I contact you?

You can call Arizona Diesel Industries at: (480) 699-4155  or visit our Contact Pgae>>

Business Hours
Saturday10AM–2PM (or later By Appointment)
SundayBy Appointment

Have More Question?

We are always here to answer all your questions, feel free to contact us